Boarding Arrangements

Arriving Vessels

All arriving vessels requiring a pilot will be boarded approximately two (2) miles seaward of the Port Everglades sea buoy (buoy PE).  NOTE:  unless specifically directed otherwise by the pilots or harbormaster, all large vessels, deep draft vessels and all passenger vessels approaching the port should NOT approach closer than two miles to the sea buoy until the pilot has boarded.  This requirement is necessary to provide adequate time for a Master-Pilot exchange prior to entering the channel. 

Some further boarding considerations are:


Boarding from Shore

All vessels sailing or shifting berths will normally be boarded from shore.  In this event, a proper gangway should be maintained until the pilot boards the vessel.  Likewise, a proper gangway or other safe means of disembarkation should be provided in a timely manner after the ship is moored.  For a vessel sailing or shifting, the pilot will normally board approximately 10-20 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time.


Calling for a Pilot

Requests for a pilot may be made by hailing the pilots directly on VHF Channel 14/16.  Pilot and tug assistance requests may also be passed through the Harbormaster on VHF Channel 14 or via telephone at 954-468-0212.  Additionally, a request for a pilot may be made through the ship's agent.  However, the Pilot Office telephones are only manned during normal business hours. 

A one hour notice prior to arrival, departure or shifting is required to provide timely pilotage service.

More Pilotage information can be found here.