Basic Pilotage Rates

DRAFT Less than 14 feet $186.20 flat charge
14 feet and over $13.30 per draft foot

A Tonnage Charge of $0.0356 per GRT with a 2,500 GRT minimum applies to every movement of the vessel.  Based on highest published tonnage.
Piloting or shifting barges or vessels without motive power and/or steering is 1.5 times the draft pilotage fee.


Vessels may apply for and receive special tonnage rates

Vessels over 80,000 GRT will be charged as follows:
First 80,000 GRT $0.0356 per GRT 
next 50,000 GRT (80,000-130,00 GRT) $0.0343 per GRT
any additional tonnage over 130,000 GRT $0.0330 per GRT
Weekly scheduled "feeder-size" vessel less than 18,000 GRT $0.0343 per GRT


Miscellaneous Charges

Shifting a vessel $300.00 + Tonnage charge
Cancelled sailing (after the pilot has been dispatched) (not due to bad weather) $100.00
Detention $100.00/hour after the first 1/2 hour
Anchoring a vessel or taking a vessel from anchor $300.00 + Tonnage & Draft charge
Deliver orders or place man on/off vessel $200.00
Running lines with the pilot boat $100.00


Approved by the Pilotage Rate Review Board effective June 13, 2003