Who Are We?

The Port Everglades Pilots Association is an elite group of carefully chosen mariners who have demonstrated exceptional qualities of skill, dedication, and commitment to service in the maritime industry.

All pilots in the Port Everglades Pilots Association are dual licensed by both the State of Florida and the United States Coast Guard to provide compulsory marine pilotage to all seagoing vessels calling at Port Everglades or Port Dania.  The type of pilot required falls into these two general categories, state and federal.  

In general, all foreign flag and certain U.S. flag ships with a draft of 7 feet or greater require a state licensed pilot when entering or leaving port or when underway upon the navigable waters of the bays, rivers, harbors, and ports of Florida.  Detailed state pilot requirements for vessels may be found in F.S. 310.    

Federal pilot requirements differ from those of the state of Florida.  Specific federal requirements apply to U.S. flag vessels operating on domestic voyages.  Federal pilot requirements for pilots may be found in 46 USC 8501 and 8502.  Additional detailed requirements may be found in 46 CFR Part 15.812.

The pilots at Port Everglades provide complete service to and from the berth to the point of embarkation/disembarkation, including docking and un-docking the vessel.  Although under certain circumstances Florida law provides the option of the Master performing the docking and un-docking maneuvers, it is strongly recommended the Pilot perform these maneuvers.

Calling for a Pilot

Advance requests for a pilot can be emailed to [email protected]  The email should include the vessels location for pilot boarding (at sea, or at a particular berth, etc.), the final destination,  date and time of the request, and contact information for the vessel.

Requests for a pilot may also be made by hailing the pilots directly on VHF Channel 14.  Pilot and tug assistance requests may also be passed through the Harbormaster on VHF Channel 14 or via telephone at 954-468-0212.  Additionally, a request for a pilot may be made through the ship’s agent.  

A two hour notice prior to arrival, departure or shifting is required to provide timely pilotage service.

For questions please call the Pilot Office (954) 522-4491  during normal business hours.  (Monday – Friday 8am-5pm) The office is not staffed on weekends or holidays.